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Depend on what you will use it for ...

dress women review Transcend Class Flash Memory TS16GSDHC10E

Transcend Class Flash Memory TS16GSDHC10E

SD specs state that class 10 cards must guarantee 10MB/sec transfer speeds in various conditions, so it should exceed this out of the box under ideal conditions. This product's advertised speeds are "up to 20MB/sec" (which usually means reads).

Under diglloydTools DiskTester on my MBP, which can usually come pretty close to capping various flash device speeds:

Using test size of 2GB, 4MB at a time at start (0%), within a 30.2GB test file.

Iteration 1: writing...15.2MB/sec, reading...19.6MB/sec
Iteration 2: writing...15.6MB/sec, reading...19.7MB/sec
Iteration 3: writing...15.6MB/sec, reading...19.7MB/sec
Iteration 4: writing...15.7MB/sec, reading...19.7MB/sec
Iteration 5: writing...15.7MB/sec, reading...19.7MB/sec

So under good conditions (out of the box, large file transfer), I'm able to hit their advertised speeds, and both reads/writes are well above what is required for the spec. This agrees with several other reviews that the card is fast, with some numbers to back it up.

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