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Skque Diamond Crystal Sticker Assorted

Antiviral is an interesting abject horror film on several levels. I loved it. The story, the dialogue, the acting (for the most part) and the use of a limited color pallet all combined for an engaging horror flick.

While some have pointed out a perceived indictment on the "thrall of celebrity", the moral dilemma here is not only media or fandom gone amok - it is the separation of the subjective emotions of the fans from the abject, Hannah Geist. Geist in German, as many know, can be loosely translated to mean ghost or spirit.

Geist fandom in this starkly painted world is driven by the desire to connect with the abject (that which is cut off) by experiencing their illnesses, their infections or partake of their body in the form of cell-farmed 'steaks'.

How that spirit is experienced, replicated, stolen, subject to copyright is at the center of the Antiviral thesis. When Syd, a celebrity-virus salesclerk becomes infected with Hannah Geist's latest and life-threatening disease, he must put pieces together to save her and himself.

More on abjection psychology see wiki - http://psychology.wikia.com/wiki/Abjection

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  1. Willard Copeland10 Oktober 2011 13.32

    love these!! still on my ipod. easy to apply easy to take off and really unique! i am glad i bought these!

  2. I get so many compliments on my little bling bling home buttons. they stay on there a long time to be just a sticker. had first one on for about three weeks and actually had to take it off myself to put a different color on. love it.

  3. these are adorable and they add that bling factor to your phone and they last. i have even dropped my phone and it didnt fall off

  4. They were shipped sooner than expected and got lots of compliments too. Very cute on my phone and they stick well! the only thing is they stick out so if you put it in your pocket you might call someone or voice control will come on. other than that i love it!

  5. These home button stickers are darling! They stick very, very well. My phone looks like it fell into a jar of diamonds. Looks great with cases that have bling on them! Love these!

  6. Michael Leblanc26 November 2012 12.32

    I really love these items and so does my daughter. We used them every day and on everything we can

  7. They are beautiful! Love them! I shared with a Sisterfriend of and she loved them also. I like the fact that I can change them.

  8. I love these home button stickers. I have shared with friends and family and will recommend to anyone that ask!!

  9. I can't wait to use these and some other items I ordered on my iphone4! I'm super excited because I also just ordered a new camera add-on for my phone!