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bike review DGK Color Tools DGK XL Lanyard White

DGK Color Tools DGK XL Lanyard White

Antiviral is an interesting abject horror film on several levels. I loved it. The story, the dialogue, the acting (for the most part) and the use of a limited color pallet all combined for an engaging horror flick.

While some have pointed out a perceived indictment on the "thrall of celebrity", the moral dilemma here is not only media or fandom gone amok - it is the separation of the subjective emotions of the fans from the abject, Hannah Geist. Geist in German, as many know, can be loosely translated to mean ghost or spirit.

Geist fandom in this starkly painted world is driven by the desire to connect with the abject (that which is cut off) by experiencing their illnesses, their infections or partake of their body in the form of cell-farmed 'steaks'.

How that spirit is experienced, replicated, stolen, subject to copyright is at the center of the Antiviral thesis. When Syd, a celebrity-virus salesclerk becomes infected with Hannah Geist's latest and life-threatening disease, he must put pieces together to save her and himself.

More on abjection psychology see wiki - http://psychology.wikia.com/wiki/Abjection

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  1. Claude Crawford23 November 2010 05.32

    Works as needed....pretty difficult to get something as simple as this wrong, but I guess anything is possible.. lol
    So far I have used it on nearly every job and works exactly as intended. Plus small and easy to carry..
    Would definitely recommend..

  2. Handy tool for photographers. Very simple to use. I use these to make sure my WB is correct in post. These make it so easy!

  3. These cards allow the photographer to quickly set the white balance on their digital camera with ease. Just point and shoot. They really help when confronted with lighting temperatures that vary greatly.

  4. If you're a white balance nut, as I am, it is useful to simply hold these cards up in front of your subject for a reference shot where you don't necessarily have time or opportunity for a custom white balance. Using Photoshop for post-processing, the correction is simple.

    Generally, I much prefer custom white balancing but this is a handy, old-school product and it ought to be in your bag.

  5. These cards delivered as promised - they are a nice size, the lanyard is handy, and after a few weeks of use they haven't developed scratches or discoloration as some other products might have. They have really helped me speed my work flow in Lightroom by giving me a great starting point with my white balance.

  6. Clifford French25 November 2012 14.32

    I really like this white balance card set. I have a large collapsible white balance target that is really not discreet to use, so i like that I can whip this out really quick when I'm out and about but don't want to be all obvious. good quality.

  7. the size is right and the coating doesn't scratch off. Works perfect for my use. The grey is a bit on the warm side, but that works out well for shooting portraits.

  8. The lanyard is a nice little touch. I use these mainly for post processing, I don't care to do much of the balancing while taking shots. I suppose it's ok if you are doing landscapes but when taking pictures of people, every second counts. So I do my post in LR and the grey card makes it simple. The white and black are a nice addition too, when I need it.

  9. I take the pictures in RAW and revealed in lightroom. It is very easy to use, just take the first shot with the gray card and the rest of the photos are made normally without worrying about white balance.