Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

Love it!

shoes woman Opteka RC 2 Control Cameras Replacement

Opteka RC 2 Control Cameras Replacement

I was very skeptical to order an off-brand Pentax item as well as from a unknown seller at the time. Due to the previous two reviews I took a chance and at worst case, I was out $10 or could get Amazon to give me credit.
Everything turned out great. It shipped the next day and I got in the mail pretty quick. It came in a a small box with a cleaning cloth, instructions, and a little pouch to put the remote. Remote was of better quality then I expected for the price. Put the included battery in, turned my Pentax K-x to wireless shooting mode, and worked perfectly. I used it last night for some astrophotography. Zero complaints, and I saved $10+ not having to buy the Pentax brand for what is essentially a button with set infrared signal for Pentax cameras. Also the remote has a w/t button for controlling zoom but says it only works on no SLR camera's.

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  1. Steven Patterson26 Oktober 2011 10.32

    HELP!!!! Should I get a Canon Rebel XTi today? Yes or no? Pros and cons? It would be my first DSLR, but I would be buying it used & it came out in 2006 so should I get it? Idk.