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Picture Perfect Horror

drinkd reviews Antiviral Watch While Its Theatres

Antiviral Watch While Its Theatres

Antiviral is an interesting abject horror film on several levels. I loved it. The story, the dialogue, the acting (for the most part) and the use of a limited color pallet all combined for an engaging horror flick.

While some have pointed out a perceived indictment on the "thrall of celebrity", the moral dilemma here is not only media or fandom gone amok - it is the separation of the subjective emotions of the fans from the abject, Hannah Geist. Geist in German, as many know, can be loosely translated to mean ghost or spirit.

Geist fandom in this starkly painted world is driven by the desire to connect with the abject (that which is cut off) by experiencing their illnesses, their infections or partake of their body in the form of cell-farmed 'steaks'.

How that spirit is experienced, replicated, stolen, subject to copyright is at the center of the Antiviral thesis. When Syd, a celebrity-virus salesclerk becomes infected with Hannah Geist's latest and life-threatening disease, he must put pieces together to save her and himself.

More on abjection psychology see wiki -

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  1. Antiviral is a new film by David Cronenberg's son Brandon, and needless to say the influence shows through brilliantly in this single attack on the insanely stupid celebrity worshipping culture which has gripped society.
    A company sells celebrity viruses to it's clients so they can experience and receive a little part of their favorite star into their own bodies. They can also go out and grab a celebrity steak, grown from the cells of their favorite star.
    Naturally things take a turn for the worse for one of the company salesmen, who comes down with a nasty virus all his own while trying to find out what happened in the death of their most famous contracted celebrity.
    Sure it's grim and disturbing with a few gruesome and decidedly Cronenberg-esque touches that will make the viewer twitch a little, but the core of this film is just a big kick in the nuts to anyone who is worried about Kim K's dress being a little too flashy for the Grammys.