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Tech Armor

sky review Tech Armor Protector Lifetime Replacement

Tech Armor Protector Lifetime Replacement

SD specs state that class 10 cards must guarantee 10MB/sec transfer speeds in various conditions, so it should exceed this out of the box under ideal conditions. This product's advertised speeds are "up to 20MB/sec" (which usually means reads).

Under diglloydTools DiskTester on my MBP, which can usually come pretty close to capping various flash device speeds:

Using test size of 2GB, 4MB at a time at start (0%), within a 30.2GB test file.

Iteration 1: writing...15.2MB/sec, reading...19.6MB/sec
Iteration 2: writing...15.6MB/sec, reading...19.7MB/sec
Iteration 3: writing...15.6MB/sec, reading...19.7MB/sec
Iteration 4: writing...15.7MB/sec, reading...19.7MB/sec
Iteration 5: writing...15.7MB/sec, reading...19.7MB/sec

So under good conditions (out of the box, large file transfer), I'm able to hit their advertised speeds, and both reads/writes are well above what is required for the spec. This agrees with several other reviews that the card is fast, with some numbers to back it up.

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  1. I was a little skeptical because this product didn't have many reviews at the time I purchased it, but with Amazon's return policy I figured I'd give it a try. BEST screen protector I've ever used. I bought the HD Clear and it really is so clear. It took a little effort to apply it. I tried the trick of steaming up the bathroom to avoid any lint/fuzz. Worked like a charm. I could not be happier!! The only problem is that this is a 3 pack and unless you have 3 iphones, it's almost pointless, but I'll just give the other 2 away to friends. :-)

  2. Howard Jennings25 November 2010 11.32

    I was tired of spending 25 dollars for the Zagg HD screen protector and then an extra fee to have best buy put it on so i tried this screen protector out. I do admit i was skeptical at first but after trying it i see how great it is! it is very easy to put on yourself, it is very clear and you can barely tell that it is there. Great product!

  3. Not much to say, it either works or it doesn't. This one does exactly what its suppose to do. Although I will add these seemed to hold down all around their edges good. Some I've had before seem to peel up just a little around the corner edge, camera opening or the ear piece cut out but this one is holding good all around. I would definitely buy these again

  4. Very easy to use, actually one of the few times I've ever applied a screen protector and gotten it perfect on the first try! Product looks nice on phone, finger glides easily over screen. Very happy with quality of product.

  5. I've tried other sticker screen protectors as well as wet application protectors. This one has been the easiest to apply. The HD clear is great because it really is invisible. It doesn't blur or distort the clarity of the screen in any way. I forget I even have it on sometimes. The fact that it came with 3 is also a plus.

  6. This screen protector is easy to install. It has easy to remove protectors on each side of the screen protector for double protection until you need them. 3 comes to the box. The best thing is my screen is much brighter with this protector installed, the old film (not Tech Amor) had either gotten darker or was darker from the beginning.

  7. Yeah, it was off center a bit at first so I quickly tried the 2nd one but neglected to clean the screen again - big mistake. The 3rd time was a charm and I really love the fact that I don't even notice I have this on! Great product!