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Amazon purchase for Coastbooks 100

camera review Black House Unrated Su han Choi

Black House Unrated Su han Choi

You can read my review of the phone below, but I am editing this review to warn customers of Verizon Wireless's customer service change regarding roaming. They used to be easy to deal with if any billing or technical issues arose. Now, if your phone roams for any reason, even if you are in your home coverage area, they will tell you it is your problem and to set your phone to home even if it will not be able to make or receive calls. In this particular case, my Daughter's older LG phone would roam in the exact same spot that my Samsung Brightside did not roam, so I considered it an issue with their towers/network. I wasted hours on the phone with customer support and technical support regarding the issue. It happened once a year ago and it was a two minute phone call to get it resolved. This time, I had to escalate the issue to the executive offices of Verizon Wireless to get my issue resolved, and they noted during the call that future roaming charges would not be credited. So beware of roaming with Verizon Wireless, you are not likely get the roaming charges removed.

I was not sure how I would like this phone when I ordered it(I looked at it briefly in the Verizon store), but it beat all my expectations. The speakerphone works great, and the MP3 player is a pretty good copy of my ipod touch and the contacts menus are a pretty good copy of an iphone. It looks like a smartphone and the large touchscreen plus a very good slide out keyboard are great features to have. No regrets about this purchase, and amazon's one cent price can't be beat. There will still be a $35 activation fee, the same as everywhere else. I had a Blackberry from my previous job and liked the Blackberry holsters so I ordered one for $4.16 from Amazon and this phone fit perfectly in OEM BLACKBERRY SWIVEL HOLSTER CASE FOR BLACKBERRY TOUR 9630 9650 CURVE 8310 8300 8320 8330.

I read some reviews about viewing angle issues or hard to see the display in bright light, I disagree with those comments. I will agree that the screen is a bit sensitive to accidental touches, and the scan forward feature of the MP3 player is actually hard to hit the correct spot that senses your finger, but these are minor issues that go away with a little practice.

If you want to only make calls, I would recommend having Verizon block out all the data features, it is easy to accidentally open a menu for email, web or apps that ask if you want to activate(extra charge)the service. If you block these features through Verizon, you won't have to worry about accidentally hitting a wrong button(or your kids hitting them).

The only feature I wish it had was wifi, like the iphone has, but they want to sell you a data plan. Therefore, I will still have to use my ipod touch to access the web via wifi from a handheld device.

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  1. Jimmy Davenport28 November 2010 14.32

    One of the most affecting parts of the film is director Shin Terra's tone. This is one foreign auteur who understands the nature of atmosphere and how it affects suspense. From the clinical corporate setting of Jun-oh's office at the insurance company to the Sawyer Family style estate of Chung-bae, this is a movie where setting, place, and location all play into our sense of dread. Of course, there are times when nothing much happens in these arenas but since we are so immersed in their potential terror, it all works toward successfully sending the shivers up your spine. Again, this is a deliberately-paced film, one that works in small intricately considered steps. If you allow your genre film fortitude to be pushed to its limits, you will easily be rewarded.

  2. Tanisha Cardenas19 Desember 2011 07.32

    Wow! Allw me to be enthusaistic here- I love viewing films I know nothing about and getting surprised. Existing somewhere between Double Indemnity, Argento, and the best of Brian DePalma (which really reminded me of Sisters when it started hovering around hospitals and strings on the soundtrack), the film is about an insurance man trying to find redemption, and his interactions with a sociopath trying to cash in multiple policies. I'll just leave it at that. Oh, and watch out for the broken eyeglass scene- I jumped right out of my chair! See it. Also loved the humanism exploration in it, something which elevated it into art house status.

  3. Zachary Alvarez25 Desember 2012 13.32

    Great movie , one of the best Korean Horror - Thrillers ever . Great story-great acting BUY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Very fast delivery and interesting movie. Enjoyed it very much. Would order from Coastbooks 100 (and Amazon, of course) again without hesitation.