Senin, 11 April 2011

As a Novice, I Recommend this Photography Book Highly

camera review Digital Photography ebook

Digital Photography ebook

Anna Dadan has written, in my beginner's estimation, a very complete and thorough introduction to digital photography.

This book is lengthy and informative; I can't imagine any detail I'd need to know which is not covered here. There is so much information, in fact, that I believe I'll be making use of it for years.

I received a nice digital camera for Christmas this past year. But how to make best use of it was my first question and concern. This book looked promising and the price was certainly right. I decided to take a chance.

As you've surmised from my review, I am very happy with my decision. I don't know how much a seasoned photographer will benefit from this book (it will take me a little while to achieve the "seasoned photographer" status), but I can certainly highly recommend it for someone with my level of experience.

Pick up this very handy guide today; I imagine you'll be as happy as me. And I also believe you'll be armed with confidence in your ability to make very good use of your digital camera.

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  1. Maribel Hopper11 Oktober 2010 13.32

    The price is only $39.97 and there is a money back guarantee. (The site is a valued member of "Honest e online" for whatever that's worth.) I'm a hobby photographer and stumbled across this while searching for some information about pet photography, which I'm considering as a way to earn extra income.

  2. Does anybody know where to find a free pdf version (ebook) of "THE BETTERPHOTO GUIDE TO DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY" by Jim Miotke?

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