Senin, 18 April 2011

Excellent Photo Quality... but no HD Video

cheap silver heels Kodak Easyshare Digital Camera Black

Kodak Easyshare Digital Camera Black

It has awesome quality pictures and it's sleek and stylish! Plus on the price is very good compared to the actual Kodak website! Ships super fast to. It is very easy to use and with 12.2 MP to just go wild with, you can take some really killer pictures with it! The only thing I find wierd is that it doesn't come with a memory card... You have to buy one separately like I did (I just found it out when I got the camera about a week ago) :( The camera has an internal memory card built in, but it doesn't really hold a lot... (Only 10 pictures and 29 seconds of video.) Pretty much just a sample of what it can do. If you want to buy this camera, (and I recommend you do because it's Kodak) then do remember to buy a memory card while you buy the camera because then you don't have to make the mistake that I did and wait for another week or 2 to get it, Just warning you :)

PS. This is what memory card i'm buying for my camera:


They also come in 4, 16 and 32GB to I think...

Anyway, hope this helps!

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  1. I've had two digital cameras in the last two years. The first was the Polaroid a700, which worked fine until after I dropped it a few times. It started malfunctioning and doing all sorts of weird things. Then I ended up breaking the screen. The next one I had was the Kodak EasyShare MD853. It was a good camera that had amazing mega pixels, but once again broke because it was dropped so much. I'm a clumsy person, and I need a good quality camera that can handle 4ft drops without breaking. Any ideas?

  2. I want to buy a new camera but don't know what brand to buy.. The last digital camera I had was a Kodak easyshare, I loved its features but over a period of time it started to develop a black smudge on the inside where you could hardly see the picture.. I am thinking of buying a Nikon but the reviews that I have read are not very good.. Should I buy a Nikon or another Kodak or neither?? Any suggestions? What are other good brand cameras?

  3. I turn on my Kodak M1033 Easyshare digital camera and it stays on for about two seconds, then shuts off. When I get it to stay on, none of the buttons work, the picture is extremely blurry, and the green light stays on. Then after about 20 seconds, the screen goes black. I charged the battery for about nine hours straight and this still happens. This started happening not even 3 months after I bought it and I was wondering about the warranty on this camera also.

  4. I have a Kodak EasyShare Z730 digital camera and when I turned it on the screen is black and covered with multicoloured stripes, not brightly coloured, mostly red and pink with some green and blue and they kind of move around...why is this?

  5. Jimmie Macdonald29 Desember 2013 05.32

    I have a kodak easyshare 10 mp V1003 digital camera and recently it just stopped working. I turn the camera on and the splash screen pops up in the lcd but it immediately goes to black and will not do anything else. I have tried removing the battery in case the battery had a dead cell in it and I tried removing the memory card in case it was corrupted but neither has helped. I can still transfer pics from the camera to the computer but can't take pics. Please help.