Rabu, 20 April 2011

Great little device; cheap and does it's job

wotches man Transcend Flash Memory Reader TS RDP5K

Transcend Flash Memory Reader TS RDP5K

Woo hoo! Someone finally came up with the idea to eliminate those pesky cords for card readers! Transcend's 9-in-1 USB Memory Card Reader steps it up a notch with the ability to read every memory card I own, including the micro ones for our cell phones. I've owned it for a year and it's still working great. I use it for transferring music and pictures to and from our cell phones and pictures and video from our camera; it reads them in a flash (pun intended), transferring fairly quickly. It was very inexpensive, much less than all the other card readers, so I was slightly worried that the quality would be inferior. Not so. Everything's better than expected. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that I don't have a cord and that it's small enough not to get in the way but large enough that I won't lose it (even in a home with 6 kids with hands that tend to find all the cool devices attached to our computers). My only (minor) gripe is that it has a cap that could easily get lost if you use it more frequently than I do (once a month). However, I still give this 5 enthusiastic thumbs up and would definitely recommend it to others.

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  1. I have 3 gigs worth of Pictures and songs on a Micro SD card and the computer that contained the originals has crashed but my phone only gives me the "wrong formatting please reformat card. Reformat now?" dialog and so i tried to put it into my computer so that i can retrieve then reformat it and it can't read the card either... does anyone have a solution for this Problem? i can't really afford anything very expensive or anything but would like to retrieve them still

  2. Louise Carpenter25 Desember 2010 11.32

    I have a kodak easyshare c180 digital camera. I used it this past week and have some very important photos on it. Someone thought they'd be smart and remove the card and now it's telling me that it needs to be formatted causing all the pictures on it to be deleted. Losing these photos is not an option. I've tried to open the files through my computer but it's still giving me the format problem. Is there anyway to bypass this just until I retrieve the photos from it?

  3. Walter Peterson23 Oktober 2012 09.32

    The camera used is a Samsung S1065 and I have downloaded all of the images from the camera. However, I now want to add them to a digital photo frame as a gift but need to put them bacl on the SD card. Help!!

  4. i was printing the pictures off my hp camera with the hp photosmart printer and my battery was low. i changed the batteries and turned the camera back on and the pictures were gone. did i delete them somehow or what happened. PLEASE help! These are the only pictures i have of my baby charlie and my family reunion.