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I love my new little camcorder

vacuum cleaner Insignia NS DCC5HB09 Camcorder Definition widescreen

Insignia NS DCC5HB09 Camcorder Definition widescreen

I bought this camera a few years back from Best Buy and really just abused it. I never kept it in its case. I left it in the car in the sun. I let kids use it. This thing is a tank!
The newer model is entirely plastic and may boast better stats, it sucks compared to this one.
My first one finally crapped out on me, so I got on here and bought another one immediately. For 40 bucks I got another one brand new!

Here is why I love it:
1. In good light it takes incredibly high quality stills. Much higher resolution than 5MP even.
2. It records to SD.
3. Has a li-on battery that lasts forever and is easy to find backups for.
4. It is 1/3rd the price of a flip video, but it 10 times better because it will zoom, records to SD, and it takes stills.
5. It records in avi and not some unknown codec to computers.
6. It is built very well. The newer model is entirely plastic and feels like the viewfinder is going to snap off, but this one is very sturdy and is comprised mostly of metal.
7. Has some manual focus settings.
8. The pictures and video are true to what you see in the viewfinder. With some cheap cameras your pics look fine when you take them, but when you look at them later they are blurred or out of focus.

Here is why it is cheap:

1. No optical zoom. (the digital zoom just pixelates everything)
2. Requires a lot of light. It tries to adjust to low light but it compromises a couple megapixels and color quality to do so.
3. Slow shutter speed. If you are taking a group picture push the button on the count of 1 and it will finally take when you get to 3.
4. The microphone is on the back instead of the front. The cameraman will be heard very well, but his subjects will not.

You won't find a better camera under $150. Perfect for adults and kids of all ages. If it breaks (which is quite difficult to do) its super cheap to replace. Everyone should have one of these.

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