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trailer Canon 50mm Standard AutoFocus Lens

Canon 50mm Standard AutoFocus Lens

yes this is a cheap lens. Yes, its a plastic fantastic. but that's exactly what i'm looking for.

I'm the type of photographer who will do anything and risk it all to get the shot I originally planned for. However, i'm not the type of photographer who makes a gazillion dollars a year and can afford to risk $5000 worth of equipment to get the shot. This lens is perfect solution for me because its only a few bucks and I don't feel I have to hold back when around water, extreme heights, bad weather, sand, etc... you name it. I have no problem mounting this lens to a T2i on the side of a motorcycle to shoot HD video or take it skydiving. I can get just as great shots in bad environments as that NatGeo wannabe with $9000 around his neck who hesitates to take a picture because his equipment is too expensive to risk.

My philosophy is to use cheap primes in places you wouldn't want to take expensive and heavy glass. At least you won't feel that bad if you drop it in mud. If it breaks like so many claim, i'll buy another one and get another 50,000 shots out of it. Even then, its still a cheaper path then going for the f/1.4. Besides, the 1.4 is due for an update, I would expect a mk2 version soon.

I love this lens. its a great 50mm on my 5D mk2 and a great 80mm on my 7D.

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  1. Lynnette Adams21 Oktober 2011 03.32

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to get into photography, aside from my usual cartoony/graphic design stuff that I usually do. Is there a camera you would recommend that I can fit attachable lenses to? I most likely will try to find one that will be compatible with a fish eye lens. I'm not looking to get one terribly expensive, but perhaps a cheap-mid price range for any digital attachable lens camera. Thank you very much for your input and time.

  2. What are the specific features that I should look for when purchasing camera lenses (for Nikon)? I will be mainly shooting portraits and some landscape, and plan on purchasing the Nikon D7000. Will a 18-55mm standard lens suffice? Also, I've read somewhere that the more optical/ focal zoom range a lens has, it can produce more noise and/or blurriness. Is this true? Thoughtful answers would be greatly appreciated!