Sabtu, 09 April 2011

Samsung Galaxy SIII GT-I9300 from SurgeTelecom

statement ring Samsung Galaxy GT I9300 Factory Unlocked

Samsung Galaxy GT I9300 Factory Unlocked

The Galaxy S III has to be one of the best phones I've ever used! The quality of the phone is absolutely unbelievable. You get wonderful pictures and videos when taken from the camera. The camera also has facial recognition which will give you an even better picture. It seems like the battery life lasts forever and the phone doesn't slow down when the battery gets low like most smart phones. You can quickly browse through apps on the phone without lags and freeze ups in your applications. The menu and home screen allows you to access your widgets and apps quickly.
The phone is a great size because it is bigger which is better, but also because you can still fit it in and out of your pocket unlike some smart phones. The phone has plenty of memory for you to download almost anything you want but it also has space for an SD card. The phone has great call quality even when you aren't getting the best service. You don't hear any echoes and the speaker phone works wonderfully. You can hear from a pretty far distance. Overall, this is a great phone and I would recommend it to a friend any day!

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  1. Brett Lancaster13 November 2010 11.32

    Is a good phone and is it a stylish phone?

  2. Looking to upgrade soon, want to know your thoughts?