Minggu, 10 April 2011

Super/great/wonderful customer service

bookshelf WolVol NEW Android 4 0 Ultra Thin

WolVol NEW Android 4 0 Ultra Thin

This was for my daughter's birthday. It was pink and easy to use. She loved it. However, about a month into her using it she brought it to me and said it didn't work. I looked and the screen was blank. I contacted WolVol and they IMMEDIATELY emailed me back with instructions on how to send it to them and to include a tracking number. Within an hour of sending the box back with the tracking number they emailed me to say they got my email and would replace the tablet as soon as they got it. The third email was telling me they got it and a new one was in the mail. All of this happened in 10 days. We got our replacement tablet today and she is, once again, in tablet heaven. I am so impressed with this company. I have no idea what cause the problem--I wasn't there when it happened. Regardless, they took care of it quickly and I am VERY satisfied. I will purchase from them again. The tablet itself is great. She uses it to play games, take pictures/movies and text me. I do not have a CC attached to it so there's no chance of her buying things without me knowing. I put a Google gift card on it and she's as happy as can be.

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